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I left school at the age of 16 with grades 3 and 4 CSEs including English, Maths, and History.

When I was little I used to write poetry on wildlife. It then progressed to Political poetry and then turned into inspirational poetry.

Father Christmas gave me a printing set one Christmas. I loved it! It had wooden blocks, rubber letter, numbers and punctuation, an ink pad. You placed the rubber letters etc into the wooden slots then pressed it onto the inkpad then onto paper! I used to play games in my bedroom at being an Editor and used to while the time away making magazines that consisted of artwork and poetry. This inspired me to write properly.

My writing stopped for a while whilst I was working and then in the last ten years it took off again. I now write in many genres!

Just so you know I am not gay (re “Do You Love Me Dear?”) and that I write poetry that includes all topics. I write as and when I get an inspiration for a poem. Blog posts will be written when I get an inclination to write one on something that catches my interests to share with you online.

There is no more Spiritual Poetry and they are included in the archives.

If you enjoy poetry we have a total of

  • 403 Poems
in our archives! All the poems shown are my own works.

So why not grab a cuppa and read on!

All the best!
from Katy.


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