The Future Things To Come!

How strange is our weather at the moment?

Extreme cold and then extreme heat and also wild fires raging in different parts of the world.

I first saw an advert in Facebook for an electric car last year (2020)! Now they are becoming the new rage! But how long will it be before many in these new vehicles become stranded on the motorway or in the middle of no where because they can’t get to a recharge place in time?

Will they invent a portable recharging kit that can just store in your car in the boot?

And how will that work?

I started to go green at home too with recycling and green fuel.

The car batteries should be designed to last many hours before you have to take a pit stop to recharge your car. Maybe it could be in conjunction with the distances to do with the service stations stops on the motorway.

This is OK in theory. But then you come to the middle of no where and no service station in sight for hundreds of miles. Then what?

So be mindful when you buy a car and hope that you don’t get stranded!


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