A Couplet Or Two

A rhyming couplet is two sentences were the last word sound similar.

I often write using this form in my poems.

I dwell looking at the stars,
the moon shines on between Earth and Mars!

But then it changes to the sun
and one wonders where it all begun!

Notice how the words rhyme. These are modern couplets. Have a go!

I will write to thee in my dreams
it is nothing more than it seems!

Don’t think on the past but on the future more,
one chapter ends and another opens the door!

If you are unsure, just check out online #couplets! It is easy to learn.

Understanding poetry does not need to be hard or a chore. It is easy. There are many forms of poetry and used world wide. Take a look and don’t be afraid!

Enjoy! See what you are capable of!

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