Can You Hear Me?

When I was young I had become deaf.

My mother and father took me to ear nose and throat specialist via the GP and I remember many visits to the hospital in Liverpool for children.My mother told me that I had contracted mumps after not being allowed the vaccine as a young child. I also suffered with a lot of ear infections as a child and into adult hood. She has put the loss of hearing due to these reasons.

Eventually I had stopples put in my ears to support hearing aids. I had one hearing aid through my childhood.

I did not like the hearing aid and binned it when I was older and it had got manky and old. I managed to hear OK without it for many years. One day after playing loud music I suffered pain and asked my mum to give me a lift back home when I was out. I took myself to ear nose and throat again via the GP. I had perforated both of my ear drums and needed an operation to mend the holes in both ears. I had them done one at a time over the years. With several hearing tests that I had failed. I now needed two hearing aids as opposed to just the one for both ears!

A word of advice and caution here for you all… do not play music on full blast even in your earphones/headsets! You will suffer later like me. It is true that loud noises affects your hearing so be careful. Nightclubs and bars with live music and loud music are notorious for this.

I had several follow up appointments at the ear nose and throat department at the hospital. Each time I failed the hearing tests. Soon I received my pair of hearing aids. They mould it to fit your ear and keep a record so they can make them time and time again to fit.

Now I can hear again! It is great! I had missed so much  when I was deaf! It is worth doing so if you suffer this like I had please do not leave it! Get it seen to right away! I missed years of not hearing sound and having proper chats with people. You feel left out of the crowd and what aye pardon all the time when you miss some speech. So do not play loud music, have it at a comfortable level and be sensible with it! It is fab hearing again! I love the sound that gravel makes under your feet. It was lovely to hear birdsong again. All these things are missed if you leave sorting your deafness out. So be brave and bite the bullet!

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