End Of Lockdown?

How have you all bared up?

The Lockdown restrictions are ending on 19th July in England UK, or at least most of them are! It is time for pause for thought. Masks will be personal choice and they reckon that we will have to treat it like how we do the flu.

The NHS in England have been working through the age groups vaccinating everyone. Though we could still catch it and told it will prevent death. Soon things will be back to normal and we will have our freedom back!

It has been different for everyone the past year! What is your new norm going to be like?

I have been lucky enough not to be cooped up indoors during lockdown! I have had the company of my neighbours in the garden during it. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a garden? Did you manage to cope OK? How did you get through it?

Although the pandemic is not over yet here is hoping that there won’t be another one in the future! But there might be! We will go through it just like this one.

Time for a bit of reflection for ourselves. Time for our freedoms! Enjoy life because life is too short and you only live the once!

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