How do you get inspired?

Personally, I like taking a flask and a notepad and pen to the beach, or to go to the pub for a coffee, and see if I get an inspiration!

For me, it happens that I get a couple of lines in my thoughts, then the poem flows from those. This is nothing to do with Psychic. It is just from pure thinking on it a bit. I then get a couple of lines formed in my mind, and it just flows from there!

To help inspiration, go to your favourite place or surround yourself with your friends. Relax. Shake off the negative thoughts that had been clouding your thoughts and try to think positively!

Let the thoughts on any subject come to you. Poise your pen on your notepad. Let the words flow!

Do not be afraid to have a go I have been doing it this way for years! Everyone is different, and just be confident! There are many forms of poetry and if it is to rhyme, this will come easily. You just need to relax.

I am trying to encourage you to have a go at writing, only!

Have a go! 

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