My Art Style!

This drawing is a picture that I drew a few years ago. I rubbed the graphite all over the paper and picked out the lines. I drew little dainty creatures and places, etc first, then joined up the lines.

It is a technique, my own style, and it helps me to draw. I can draw, but a bit out of practice.

It is not Psychic Art. It is from my mind, and we may have seen it in a holiday in Cornwall, before moving there later.

From my memory, I drew it. And on looking later at online photos, with no cheating, it was spot on!!

I may do more art like this again at some point. I drew my cat like it from memory and I had the original photo. And it was drawn without looking at the photo. But I lost both pictures.

I started this style of drawing in 2013. I did a lot of drawings of people that I had seen outside, but they have been lost. Nothing has been drawn since 2015.

And, yay! found my art pencils in my tin, from my late relative. Was a present.

My large putty rubber got damaged, so I am on the look out for a replacement :). I loved that rubber!

Now I am getting my art materials together, I should be able to do more advanced art and better pictures, so I am going to practice at it again. I remember being very good at art at school.

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