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A cinquain is a five-line poem inspired by the Japanese haiku. There are many different variations of cinquain including American cinquains, didactic cinquains, reverse cinquains, butterfly cinquains and crown cinquains

well I be blowed it got snowed under
just in time for the questions to begin.
When along came a snow plow and lodged it free
when out of nowhere a rumble of thunder!
And then he fell out of the tree!

The verse on the site is sometimes cinquain and sometimes a couplet. Or sometimes it is just free verse. It is poetry from the imagination. It just needs a thought of a sentence or two. If you are able to just let a line come into your thoughts the rest should flow for you. It is normal for most poets to write like this.

When I write a poem this is how I think. I just let the thought come to me if I get an inspiration. I let the words flow. There is no best time to write a poem. If it is late into the night and you are tired, make a note of the sentence. Re-read it later and see what comes from it. Often it will be a good poem.

It just is practice. You may end up with a few poems or a couple. Either way you can be inspired by things that surround you. Find your favourite place and open your mind to let your imagination take over. The world is yours! Grab it!

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