My story started in 1966. Born on World Cup day.

I have known hardship being unemployed a few times but always found work and bounced back on my own metal.

I worked as a Clerk in London, UK for many years in different roles. I learnt how to use a computer in my job. I learnt word processing at college in evening classes after work.

Sometimes money was tight but I found a way to manage. I kept trim by walking to work which was not far.

Soon I got married and was married for 5 years. We lived round the corner from Heathrow Airport and worked locally in our area.

I changed jobs often for a pay rise mostly. Sometimes I had wished that I had stayed in my first employment and made a go of it. I was a junior sales ledger clerk in Richmond, Surrey for Autobar Food Services. At the age of 18 I had already experienced unemployment after leaving school at the age of 16. My father helped me to move to London to start work. At the weekend my father would take me back home to see the family. He found me some digs with a cousin in Richmond. They were not bad digs at all. It was a bed sitting room, kitchen and shared the bathroom and the rent included the bills. I had a cooker that was on a meter and remember having to put 5p in the meter so I could cook.

I survived being on my own and just made a point of going out at the weekends. This is just the beginning of my story.

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