St Michael’s Mount

I drew this picture about 8 years and did not cheat by looking up a photo of it online.

Notice how the lines have been picked out and then joined together! I had run the graphite over the paper and then on looking closely drew the lines and little pictures. On having a closer look I had noticed a picture within a picture. On highlighting it it turned out to be St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, UK.

I am trying to recall if we had visited there on holiday with the family when I was a child. It must have been from that trip or on the television as it is a picture from memory.

I have some other art drawn like this in this fashion. I call it Kate’s Weird Art!

I may take it up again and see what other pictures transpire. I had drawn the cat sleeping on the back of the sofa and it was spot on and without looking at the photo. Alas I have lost that drawing since!

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