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Poetry Sites

Birdcreek Blues

This is a great poetry site belonging to Alan Reynolds who is a family friend. His poems are fun, original and entertaining. He has written a poetry book that you can buy on Amazon called The Olding Man. It is in Kindle and also paperback formats. Look out for it!

Art Sites

Catharina Reynolds

This site is an art site and she also has a collection of books that you can buy. Catharina does great artwork that is modern and different. Catharina is a family friend, author and artist.

History Sites

Brumwell History

Stephen Brumwell is a relative and an excellent history writer. He has won many book prizes and is starting to become well known. His work has been on TV. He has written many history books that are loved by people all over the world.

Geneology Sites

Durnford Family

This site is the official main Durnford Family website. Owned by a family relation. It has lots of interesting facts and information and a geneology record database where you can look up family.


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