A Jolly Time!

Darkness blackens the window, to the outside world.
Curtains either side, in lemon swirls.
The TV is on, sat with a cuppa in your hand.
And the rain splashes down the window, watering the land.

The lamps give off a warm glow in the room,
not like some ancient Egyptian tomb.
Relaxing on the sofa lined with cushions.
A feeling of peace descends, not doom.

On the screen the sound is turned down,
the softness of the seat is a comfort.
Warm coffee wafts through the air,
the sounds are clear.

It is jolly nice, to be able to view TV.
Whilst sitting with your coffee, on the settee.
It is not cold tonight,
the pyjamas keep you cosy tight.

Enjoy the peace of the evening,
with the TV in your four walls.
The comfort has been there a while,
in your chosen living style.

Resting and putting your feet up,
holding close your coffee cup.
Let the moments wash over you,
embrace it!

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