A Journey

A time passes on the road.
A time for peace and love.
A time for you to reach.
A time for you to teach.

You conquer your failures.
You conquer your path
and all that in time sees,
you don’t need to appease!

Hurry to a world of love
from the ancients to the present.
Leave the worries all behind
and just go with the flow and no resents!

Journey along with your hearts represents
be that of joy and harmonious content.
Carry on forth to see the world unfold
for now it is time for you to be bold!

Reach for the stars for you are within
it is time now for you to begin!
Be on the path that you chose
for the journey has started!

It is time for the journey now
be on the path for you.
It is time for the journey start!

Don’t ever depart!
A time for the moments.
A time for the love.
A time for the peace!

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