A Picnic Trip

Sit amongst the daffodils with the wind through your hair!
Take a sip of cool lemonade.
The picnic basket is full of edible treats,
the family group sit on a rug for their seats.

In the rolling countryside by the sea,
the sea air wafts up your nostrils.
Sitting amongst the flowers watching the insect fly about.
“Watch out for the cow dung!” I hear you shout!

Cake, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, all wrapped up in the basket.
The chequered seating cloth lays across the grass.
They even nearly brought the kitchen sink
but not the double bass!

Thankfully the weather has stayed nice for this trip out.
The car is parked in the car park layed on by council.
Not to far away is a steep cliff.
We remember to pick up our rubbish when we are out and about!

The evening draws in and soon it is time to go home.
The setting sun looms in beautiful colours across the skies.
Then the darkness falls and out comes the torches
that give you help to see with your eyes!

The car is packed full of family and gear.
Dad makes sure there is enough petrol to get home.
The kids fall asleep on the back seat.
That is the picnic trip done for another year!

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