A Spider’s Dance

Spiders jump and the flies get caught
in their sticky webs.
In the garden life and death is seen
and on the creatures they are keen!

As the time ticks on the flies buzz about
but the spider has the last laugh giving them a death with some clout!
So in the end it is a spiral that moves
and in time it is engraved in the groove!

As twilight evades and darkness falls
life continues on.
When the sun is out
who has won?

Life thrives in the garden full of bushy plants.
Trees align the hedgerows for the squirrels and birds.
They are not alone for the world of spiders thrive
and when they are not watching the bees make honey in their hives!

So all in all they play a game
and it is of survival from whence they came.
Each living animal each to their own,
can only be one dominant on the throne!

They fight to live and each minutes counts.
With each flight taken they don’t know if they will make it home.
When they make it to their final destination,
that could be anywhere including Frome!

Spiders lay their traps and the flies can’t see it.
The just buzz about the day and night as they see fit!
The spider hangs about until it’s prey gets caught,
otherwise it goes hungry without naught!

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