Accents Of The Season

Swift movements ahead, the birds fly.
Fluffy clouds line the sky.
The groups are flying to warm climates soon,
even during the Harvest Moon.

Bails of hay are made, grass is being cut.
Straw is stacked in the barns,
as the birds fly over head.
Smaller birds flock on the power lines, over the sheds.

As the climate changes, we all become aware.
And it is warmer through winter, and wild animals and plants become rare.
Look for the different species of insects too.
Do this in your garden, not at the zoo.

Changing world of colourful seasons,
this will give you enough reason.
Enjoy the sights at the best times,
sit quietly outside and watch.

It will enthral you as they come in close,
you can’t get enough of the dose.
It is our beautiful country,
and this patch belongs to me!

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