Am I Christian?

You see, I left the Christian faith be.
To research the Spirits.
Are you mad?
No! I am rather with it!

I delved into the spooks,
because I heard noise one night.
I don’t let it frighten me,
spirits, ghosts and orbs.

I thought I had a faith,
one to be a good person you will find.
So I entered Spiritualism
and found a new hope, one of a kind.

So then I researched,
and found a lot of rubbish.
So I went back to my faith,
not to Spiritualism, nope!

I delved into it for many years,
though it did help me dispel my fears!
Because of what went bump in the night,
it’s like flying a kite!

In the end I chose my path,
one without hate and wrath.
We thought the Church Of England was cool as a kid,
of the Spirits I got rid!

So in time it became obsolete.
I had readings being given by me coming off my feet!
So now I have laid that to rest,
and getting on with my life, with zest!

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