An Angel By My Side

Heavenly hellos and goodbyes,
when we are there love never dies!
Come with me in the rain,
so we can hear you sing again!

Love in the mist and love in the rain,
we are here through your pain!
We will hold you in our arms,
forever you are in our charms!

We will light your way forward,
be with you in peace!
In grief we will never cease
to be with you!

Be with us and for all eternal life!
Hold my hand through your strife!
Be an angel with us throughout it all,
life is not always a ball!

We will cherish you in our dreams!
We will walk with you hand in hand!
We will embark this journey it seems
that we will be with you throughout this land!

Rest now for it all to come true!
The journey is now with you.
Be with us for it is all to begin,
loving yourself is not a sin!

Hold a light to light your way
forward we go every day!
Let us not part but go with as one,
for the love has never gone!

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