Angels For You

Golden lamps line the road,
shining bright like a star!
See them in their glory,
for they are here!

Be in the shining light
silhouetted against the sky!
Wings adorn the angels
they are here!

Bring peace to you in your mind
we bring you news of one of a kind!
Your trial is now over so be in peace
and just be with us in love!

Go forth on your journey
for it is sound!
You are out of the woods,
just be around!

Angels light the way for you,
you light a beacon of hope!
Go with us arm in arm
and just tell them nope!

Go with a smile on your face,
it is never to late to start over!
Be the one to be free,
you are the one who can see!

Shine your light it is now clear,
you want us with you still!
Just abide by the law of Earth
and you will be with your free will!

Granted it is now in peace time,
let the pavement pave your way!
Just follow it forward
and grow each day!

Shine the light dear friend,
it is there for all to see!
You are to your own thing
and write your poetry!

See the lights in a row,
under them an angel in tow!
They are holding you up so you do not fall
and into the light you shall go!

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