Anything Good On Tonight?

In the evening in the warmth,
watching your TV.
As the stars shine outside,
you are watching, poised on the settee.

A cuppa on the table,
sat with a lazy gait.
Then soon off to bed with sweet dreams,
and not worrying about fate.

The television is showing a good series on tonight.
But nothing too disturbing, that will give you a fright.
The eerie music sets the scenes,
and the hours tick on into the night.

Then all to abruptly, it comes to an end.
Time ticks on fast these days.
Slumber down into the bed,
with the show’s scripts in your head.

Enjoying an evening of peace and the screen.
The programmes are your favourites that you have seen.
In your pyjamas and a cup of cocoa.
Good job the programmes won’t make you loco.

The tension is on the television show.
You are relaxed, then let it go.
The cocoa is drunk down to the last drop.
This show will be your last stop.

It is getting late.
Time to wind it down.
Jump into bed.

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