Around The Fireplace

The fire crackles, flames dancing bright.
The warmth seeps through the room.
Flowers painted round the switch,
the light takes off the gloom.

It’s cosy and airy, with rugs and books.
Pictures hanging on their hooks.
They make a good read, sat in your chair.
With pigtails tied with ribbons in your hair.

And furniture adorns the room just right.
The shelves hold titles.
You sit comfy, reading through the night.
Getting gripped.

The lamps are on, making shadows.
The reading glasses help pick out the words.
A story being etched into your mind,
relaxing and helping you to unwind.

Great tales and a glass of sherry,
The radio on for company.
With every page that is turned,
with a new chapter to see.

Enjoy its plot with the ambience around.
Feet in slippers on the ground.
The fire crackles away in the hearth,
with a book you have found.

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