Autumn Days

Damp fills the air, in the Autumn.
The leaves are still falling, reds, oranges, browns.
Although it is still warm in the sun,
the breeze takes off it’s edge.

Wet mats lay on the grounds, draining off the rain.
Pretty flowers still survive, some enjoy planting them!
With a sun hat on, sit out in the breeze.
Make sure you take your cardigan, so you do not freeze!

The plants have taken over the garden,
but soon will be weeded out.
Let me know when the rain has stopped,
just give me a shout!

With a cup of coffee, or a nice drink on the bench,
enjoying the Autumn sunshine.
With the drink, your thirst is quenched!
And soon it will be nine!

The evening rolls in,
the cool air kicks the lungs.
And the wildlife still goes on,
What is Autumn to you? This life has sung!

When you go outdoors next,
take a photo or two,
your memories will give you happiness.
And give you fondness too.

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