Birth Of Summer

Longer days with warmer air,
come into fruition now.
Summer has arrived in all it’s glory.
The Earth tells it’s story.

Wisps of clouds, fluffy and white, grace the skies.
Buildings jut out, surrounded by countryside.
Trees are growing their leaves,
on the beach the birds ride the tide!

The hot sun warms you.
The days are hotting up.
The time is spent outside,
sipping from a cup.

Sight seers mingle in the town.
Spending money in the shops,
till the sun goes down!

When it turns into evening,
the streets turn quieter.
Then it will start again next day,
as soon as the people stir.

Rays of warmth glisten on the water.
It reaches each of us.
Then it is time to head to bed,
with the memories of the day fresh in your head!

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