Blooms In The Garden

Buttercups bloom in the garden.
The shrubs are growing new leaves.
Birds fly here and there,
but do you care?

The little things that matter,
help to pass away the time.
Little buttercups in yellow,
in the distance the clock tower chimes.

The plants are growing again now it is Summer.
The different tones brighten up the garden.
The seasons are still full of life,
you can cut the peace with a knife!

The days are longer now.
The wildlife continues like us.
In the end we do matter,
no one likes a fuss!

Enjoy the peaceful days in the sun.
The cloudless blue skies fill overhead.
Idling the time away on the bench,
from morning until it is time for bed!

The day is filled with joy.
Let it be full and exact.
Let your days be filled
with excitement and with tact!

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