Cold Earth

It is early morning, the skies are dark.
Street lamps line the road, shining bright.
Rain and cold sweep the Earth,
as Mother Nature gives birth.

The weeds are high and to be dug out,
whilst in their gardens, children play and shout.
Wait till the rain subsides,
once it has finished lashing down from the skies.

Mother Nature still rules,
the flowers bob in the rain.
The sun still tries to glow,
bird families on wires, all in a row.

Rest be assured it will soon pass,
the creepy crawly insects make home in the grass.
Wild garlic, mint and borage are rife,
that you can make a meal with and cut with a knife.

Rain waters the plants like these all day.
Grey skies are up above the hay.
In the wild the animals roam,
whilst in doors we are cosy and warm.

Let the beating rain go away.
The drops are thick on the window pane.
Time ticks on by in the dark morning light,
although the flowers make a pretty sight.

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