Come Heal With Me

Time will heal you
time will tell!
Let it heal
as the world will sell!

When all is said and done
time and nature is it!
Come with me to the venture
it is never too late!

Let the healing process start
don’t shut yourself off!
Right from the word go
it helps you to know!

When it begins
let the things disappear from you!
Don’t harbour the ill words
as life will end up getting to you too!

See the good in yourself
let the self unwind!
As the story starts to unfold
don’t let it fester on your mind!

For the good it will be you!
Let go of the bad it is not good!
Let the healing process start
for it is to be understood!

When you start the process
protect yourself with the light!
Let in all the good things
don’t let it ruin your life!

Start as we will begin
to heal you just relax!
Sit with me whilst you heal
for love will be you will feel!

Close off your mind to the bad
let it in all the good!
The signs will start once we begin
so let us not delay!

Open your arms to the love
let it wash over you!
For the healing times has now began
and you will feel love too!

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