Dangerous Nothing

Spirals of stars form in the galaxy,
known as the Milky Way.
Black Holes suck you in,
but can’t be seen in the day.

The Sun’s fire, heats the planets.
Circling round it’s circumference.
Saturn has many rings, and a moon.
The Red Planet, Mars, dead and barren.

Asteroids float and get drawn into a planet’s orbit.
They crash and almost wipe out living things.
They leave huge craters on the planets,
but do not touch Saturn’s rings!

The Northern Lights are a sight to see,
mostly in the Northern Hemisphere.
It ripples through the night sky,
and it is bright and beautiful, to the eye!

Clouds of gasses, of different colours, sweep space.
Can only be seen through a telescope, by the Human Race.
The stars twinkle prettily, silhouetted by the moon,
go out and take a look, see what you can see!

Lights and shadows make the effects of eclipses.
Wind lulls on days of these.
Look into the sky at night,
as it is such a pretty, dangerous sight.

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