Deer Woods

Ferns dangle from the road, under the forest canape.
Bluebells and garlic adorn the floor,
the colours and smells are like magic!
nd the deer that rambles there are sweet!

Take a walk today, if you will.
Down to the woods on the way to town.
The Muntjack deer are hidden true,
and take a picture of the deer or two!

The shade in the woods make it cool.
Take your camera with you too!
They sip the water at the pool,
and make the traffic stop!

When you pass next, take a look!
It will make the time tick past!
In the woods they live there,
the woods are full of life and vast!

The traffic stops for the deer and other beasts!
They cross the road!
And on passing in the heat,
you see an almighty toad!

So, go out wandering today!
It is better than being home.
If we all do this,
none of us will be a gnome!

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