Do You Love Me Dear?

The day happened when it hit home to me,
that love is not always to be
with a man!
Strange as it may seem it lays deep within
your soul
and you choose your love path when you can!

She looked at me with love in her eyes
to my surprise I found love back to her.
In time we had a date or two
and found we had a coupling!

The path of true love does not always run smoothly.
It sometimes causes a stir or for a cry.
But all in all we hope that it will last
at least until we die!

Bonding can come in same sex love
and the bonds are the same as ours.
So it goes without saying that love is true
it comes straight from the heart!

What is the difference between the sexes?
Communication is the same.
And when you find the love of your life
let them love you back the same!

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