Don The Sunglasses!

Put your sunglasses on as summer is here!
wait as the people adhere,
put on the sun cream and get a tan
don’t be alone, be with a man!

Don the sun hat too,
because the sun beats down on you!
Wishing away all the cares in the world,
whilst another story unfurls!

Sunbathing at home or on the beach.
Whilst in school teachers teach.
On the path of no return,
put on the sun cream so you don’t burn!

Enjoying the sea on the bench,
around a coffee your hands clench.
Drink it up and get another!
For now it is the ned of the bother!

With shades and hat on walking free,
to be with others by the sea.
In the heat relax it is fine,
for now it is time for the love to shine!

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