Driving Forces

Howling wind and lashing rain,
trickles down the window pane.
The gloom lingers over head,
and you want to be in your bed!

In time, it eases, the soft light of the sun seeps through.
Birds are all a chatter, the Seagulls spy on you.
In the blustery winds, the coat is wrapped around.
The cries of the gulls is heard, insects don’t make a sound.

The ground is sodden wet,
and mud is washed through the grass.
It turns around pretty fast,
and will start again, I bet!

Cool lingers on the air,
the sights, smells and sound ring around your hair.
Are you going to be brave? Go out, if you dare!
This system will never last!

Then the evening rolls on,
after the sun has gone to bed.
Animals are playing peek-a-boo,
now the storm has all gone!

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