Earth Colours

The leaves are starting to fall,
the air is a little cooler.
The Summer Solstice is over,
and you begin to think of Winter.

It changes colour outside with the seasons,
from different greens to orange, reds and browns.
Colour emphases the earth,
wipes away our frowns!

It makes a nice change from the extreme heat.
Pumpkins make good ghostly lanterns,
and a nice pudding for dinner.
Eat well and enjoy the cool.

The colours are pretty no matter what colour,
and brighten up your days.
The Indian Summer comes back though,
with ice cream in tow!

The changing seasons bring happiness.
It helps to settle your heart and mind.
When the sun is out,
it also helps you to shine.

The leaves are falling now.
And the clouds cover the sun.
When the winter is over,
then the summer has begun.

Time for the Winter festivities.
And time for the cycle to end.
And when the warmth hits you,
basking is the trend!

It is the end of the chapter.
A new chapter begins.
You think ahead to the summer,
and the leaves are green.

When it makes you sing,
go and be in the warmth.
But the changing seasons,
always has a reason.

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