Easing Times!

The streets are bare of people now.
The clock still ticks on past.
Each every step that you take,
enjoy it whilst it lasts!

The crowds have dispersed.
Until we can go out again.
Having to sit indoors,
and refrain.

When the all clear is given,
never take it for granted again.
Going out for a stroll,
helps you to keep sane!

The time will see an end to it all,
and in the future the bugs will fall.
Live each day as it is a new day,
and then you can safely say!

I have survived and it will pass,
walk each steps till the last!
Don’t let it bog you down,
soon we will be strolling through town!

The days that draw near are near to it’s end,
and the time is spent with happy memories.
Each day passes with time well spent,
and you are a survivor till the last.

When all is said and done,
we have to stay at home – for now!
Let the days encompass you,
for you can now take a bow!

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