Easter Day Post Lockdown

Hot sun trickles through the sky,
on a clear day.
Easter Bunny paid a visit,
with Easter Eggs in his tray!

With roast for dinner and the trimmings,
the family dined together.
Primroses adorned the table,
outside the pond was surrounded by heather.

We ate till our hearts content,
till we were full.
We ate at the table,
it was definitely not dull!

Merriment ensued,
we all got up for an Easter egg hunt.
The came the time to go home,
after a day of sitting in the sun.

The evening went by fast,
every second busy.
Trying not to work so much,
else it makes you frizzy!

So enjoy the festivities with your loved ones.
It is time well spent.
Enjoy the Simnel cake and chocolate eggs,
that Easter Bunny left at Lent.

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