Emerging Day

New light emerges through the Dawn,
in it’s wake can’t be pawned.
Brighter skies emerge through the cloud,
and Winter has begun.

Crispy leaves have left the trees,
whilst we are shaking with cold at the knees.
The morning sees the cloudy veil,
and frost lies on the metal handrail.

The animals are soaked and don’t complain.
They are out in all the elements.
Humans are in disdain,
although they seem to be bright.

They make a sight,
all bedraggled, in the night.
Cold wind dries them up,
then the coughs and sneezes.

The birds still fly about,
sitting on rooftops, trees and wires.
Will you ever get tired,
of watching the rain drops?

The occasion does not touch you,
then it eases off.
You are high and dry,
with heating on, you scoff!

Wait till it is your turn in the rain.
Sit and watch the drops on the window pane.
It ripples and the water reflects the light,
Oh for the Sun, warmth you will gain.

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