Fight The Good Fight

Fight the good fight!
Let it go in your heart.
For there is always a way
and a way to part

Don’t let it burden your mind.
Don’t let it make you fall.
Be with the one who loves you
for they are one of a kind!

Don’t let the thoughts impair you.
Don’t let it make you wonder astray.
Fight the good fight!
Let it go with each and every day!

Hold hands and deliver.
Don’t let it wipe your dreams,
for fighting the good fight
is nothing more than it seems!

What is the fight about?
Don’t let it get to your mind.
In your heart you let it go
and in your mind reap the good let it sow!

Don’t let it get to your fear!
You fear nothing in the face of it.
Do it in true style
in pure British grit!

Hold your head up high
it is not to late to let it go!
Let it not worry you no more!
Let in the good and let it sow!

Fight the good fight it is a deed in yourself!
Let it go in your heart,
because that is where the content will lay
right from the start!

Don’t let it persuade you to give in.
It runs like water in your mind,
because you are worth everything
for you are one of a kind!

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