Fishermen and Boats

Heath rolls about the hills,
the shingle along the river lays down a path.
Men are out fishing today in the sun,
and the folk are out on the rowing boat.

When they come across a swarm of bees,
and start to shake upon their knees!
The boat with the folk rows away,
the men fishing don’t notice and stay!

The path is narrow on the river side.
The fish swim up river against the tide.
The men still have not caught a fish yet,
and they try very hard and are ready with their nets!

Out on the river bank they sit on stools with baits, rod and flask.
The coffee is hot in it cask.
They sit in silence, to not scare the fish away.
They will be there all blessed day!

The boat with the folk is gone now.
And the men are still waiting in a row.
The nets are poised, ready to haul the catch in,
and they have the bait ready in the tins.

The day trails on with no fish on the line.
And they do not think it is a waste of time!
Their tans are plain to see been in the sun,
they pack up and leave now they had their run!

The fish are safe for the time being!
The men are seeing – an empty bag.
Fear not, they come often to this spot,
and mostly when it is dry and hot!

They have a fun day, all the different parties.
The boat was fun for the time before the bees!
When they come again later in the year,
they see the fishermen with the catch.

Time for go home now, what a day it has been!
In the sun and outfits fit for the Queen!
They will be there again soon,
and ask the readers to stay tuned!

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