Flower Rainbows

With the greenery all around us and the blooming flowers
enjoy it’s beauty and bountiful delights.
Keep it in your heart
and in your sights.

The flowers of many billions carpet the ground
and then Daisies and Buttercups are found.
They expand and grow and colour your lives
softly appealing without a sound!

They dance in the wind and the scents are heaven!
Colours of the rainbow on our doorstep.
Enjoy the display all year round
including the winter months with other ones you have found!

In your vase on the table looking bright
mixed colours are lovely in your sight.
Mix them up in the flowerbeds too
make sure they get water and plenty of light!

Let the display bloom each year.
If you design it it will blossom like that.
When you go indoors after gardening, you can safely hang up your hat!

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