Fly On The Wall

If I was a fly on the wall,
I could see everything!
I could be just watching,
whilst washing my wings!

I can see almost everything!
It catches my eyes.
I seem to watch a lot,
do I catch my prize?

I am a fly on the wall,
I can buzz about!
I like to sit in silence,
I can hear you shout!

Let’s get the fly squatter,
or a rolled up bit of newspaper!
You’re the fly spotter!

I buzz about your house,
night and day!
I buzz whilst your are sleeping,
I buzz whilst you play!

I creep about the house,
I watch all that goes on!
In my silence I pray,
that you don’t squat me today!

I’m not a bad insect at all!
So whilst you are a in a mood!
I fly about your hall,
I dance about your food!

I like to play havoc,
when you are having your Sunday rest!
I like to buzz around you,

I am a fly on the wall!
So let me be free!
I will go back to my little nest,
right up the tree!

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