Forever Shine On Me

Fold up the years for they are spent
memories of the mind!
Thoughts will ponder through the way,
throughout each and every day!

Sitting on the seat in a garden
watching the sun go down.
Wear it on your heart sleeve
for you will be shown!

At the sight let it come near
grab it with both arms!
Let it reach for you and steer
for it will let you stand your ground!

Ride the waves of the light
don’t let it out of your sight!
Keep the feelings within
and let it help the way!

Over the one who will not see
teach them to be vigil and without glee!
Shine the light over them too
it will never leave you!

Hurry for it will begin to fade!
No! Light never fades but stays!
How will we be able to persuade?
It stays until this day!

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