Garden Ambience

Indian Summer and falling leaves,
sitting in the garden with a breeze.
Time ticks on.
Soon it will be gone.

Bees are collecting the pollen,
the Borage is rife.
The grass needs mowing,
and teaming with life.

Birds fly around, and chirp and sing their song.
Winter be here shortly, won’t be long.
Gutters need cleaning and the flower beds mulching.
Prune back the tall shrubs, and cut the dead flowers.

Plant in next years bulbs in the flower bed,
all different colours and roses that are red.
Get it looking great for the Spring,
with underlying accents and hues that will make it ring.

Cool air takes the edge of the heat,
enjoy the warmth at the bistro table on the seats.
Good intentions are becoming more frequent,
the garden will look pretty and neat.

Enjoy it in the evening, when the sun is going down.
Bats come out then and fly around.
The sky turns to yellows, orange, and purple hues.
Sip a drink, taking in the sounds.

Its ambience enthrals us all the time.
This patch of England is mine!
Watching it come alive.

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