Green Planet

Although the time is governed by the stars,
and planets turn around the sun, like Mars.
On the Earth the sun rules the World,
and stories become reality.

The day is all light and bright with the sun,
and at night it is ruled by the Moon.
Changing Planet events that happens,
and the animals rule the Earth with Man.

Can you see the future of the Earth?
It is very beautiful with it’s turf!
The colours are pleasing to the eye,
many different things to help time pass by!

The Planet stays the same unless we end it,
or damage it by our frivolity.
Be aware of the Earth’s beauty,
because it is for all to see!
Time can change so much for us all.

Even in the Winter or the Fall.
Don’t be a party and waste the Earth,
and make the food that feeds your girth!
Only the Earth tells it’s story,
it does not need to be doom, gloom and gory!

Keep it’s beauty in your mind and heart,
the Earth is wild, of which we should not depart!
It’s mountains, plateaus, seas and land,
with wildlife and plants grown by Man.

Let it be, so we can keep on turning,
instead of the forests that we keep burning!
Open your eyes to the Planet in the sky,
then we won’t be asking the question “Why?”

We can keep this planet green,
keep on growing, keep being keen!

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