Growing Times

Rushing to get it all done,
my word! have you won?
Good that it is coming together nice,
everything doesn’t have to have a price!

See in the rest, it is coming now!
And keep it up and take a bow!
For you have overcome a hurdle,
watch as you grow!

You appear to be stronger now!
So take it in your stride.
Reach now for the stars,
and keep it by your side!

The heavens smile down on you,
and peace reigns too!
Go with the flow and you will see,
for it is with you and me!

The heart is in the centre of your being.
The energy you are freeing!
When you reach out you will gain,
sanity and your frame of mind!

Let it come and flow.
Watch it as it grows.
Be in good stead,
for now you are freed!

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