Guiding Angels

Some night in the twilight you hear the angel whispers,
seeing them in the dreams.
With the light around your shoulders,
nothing is as it seems!

Helping hands are on the way,
see the bright stars on the day!
Don’t let the time wash you away,
bring in the new with the golden hue!

Hold the angel’s hand
let them lead the way!
Don’t be dissuade by pettiness,
but let them be the guide to stay!

Hold the hand with the angel.
Drink the whine and take the bread!
But all will become clear,
when all is said!

Guiding lights of angels lead the way.
Forever in your heart and mind to stay!
Let them be the ones to be with you through your journey.
Nothing is forever set in clay!

See clear the angels shine on you their light,
helping you through your plight!
Never let the angels out of your sight,
for this is now the end of the fight!

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