Gunpowder Plot

Gunpowder Plot
They crack, bang and flare up into the sky.
With pops and fizz and many colours.
Sit around the campfire with sparklers,
eating baked potatoes and marshmallows, cooked around the fire!

Then you see the different sparks,
and go to a display in your local park.
Hotdogs and coffee, tea or juice.
Burgers and a warm glow.

Bonfire is burning brightly,
the flames are dancing high.
Sparklers are turned in circles,
as the smoke evaporates in the sky.

Folk are scattered or sat on log benches,
the fire is causing the stenches.
Tuck into the food, and enjoy the show,
with the display, on the go!

Then the evening draws to a close,
with ashes of the fire in a heap.
The eyes that follow over the wall,
are from the farmer’s cows and sheep!

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