In The End

Finish off the jobs, then lay in the sun!
Because your life you want, has just begun!
Let it wash over you and brush it all off,
give yourself a pat on the back, without a scoff!

Living a life of leisure,
is for your pleasure!
Reap in the good times,
when it get bad, just mime!

Count your blessings, for it is coming!
The sweet day shall come!
Be happy and content within yourself,
because now your work is done!

Let the life you want happen now,
just go in life carefully!
You are out of the workforce, so take a bow.
Because now you are really free!

Retired and happy with life,
been through hardship, good times and strife!
Seen some of the world when you can,
now it is time for you, no one ran!

Let the friendships come in now,
for there are forces at work!
Not one for a shirker,
but need a hand now in life!

When it is time to rest,
put on your Sunday Best!
Because in the end,
you are your best friend!

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