Insect Life And Me!

Fast approaching summer, and grey skies still loom!
Enjoy the wildlife, through the gloom!
Watch it through the windows, with the pouring rain.
It will brighten up the day, through the window pane!

Time to relax and to rewind.
Like a butterfly, fly as one of a kind!
Empty thoughts of the crisp Winter months,
although they are beautiful too!

Dim light fades into the Dark.
The clouds are thick and wide.
Bird song continues in the morning,
they follow onto the tide!

Enjoy the wildlife as it busies itself through the day.
It is company all the same!
They are very colourful and just go about through time,
from December onwards past the month of May!

Hectic lives are softened by the busy life of bees,
other insects join the mass of gatherings.
Watch the day unfold for them,
and be in the garden enjoying the Zen!

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