Into The Night

Dark skies loom ahead, with the red planet Mars.
Bats are out!
The garden teaming with life of living beasts.
People out chatting, with a drink.

I often sit out in the evenings, when it is cool.
With a nice drink – drool!
It gives you peace and you can think.
As time ticks on, it gets darker.

Cats stroll past and dogs are being walked.
Birds are still flying about too.
Then soon it will be time for bed,
and lock away tools in the shed.

Company is there with neighbours out,
the stars are twinkling bright.
Get a cuppa and worry nowt,
because it is nice to do at night!

When the sun goes down, the sunset sets in.
Reds, oranges and yellow colour the sky.
So leave the jobs till later,
and leave making the pie!

The night draws in and soon to go indoors.
Put the tv on and lock up.
This is freedom at the best,
and the life is good with a zest!

Enjoy the coolness of the day,
then creep into bed.
The sights of the sunset, embed in the find,
and the beauty lives on!

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