It Is In The Tale!

What will you read in bed when the lights are turned off
and the lamps go on?
Will it be Dracula or a slushy novel,
and one in particular that is of your favourites?

Pick up the book that you like to read
and get engrossed in the story.
And never mind the time ticking past till it gets late,
be like the old TV show Jackanory!

Is it a good novel?
Or is it a newspaper?
Is it good and gritting your teeth?
You lay in bed reading it cover to cover,
what is it that you have read?

The story line grips your imagination
and the book is hard to put down!
Will it make you smile?
Or wear your face in a frown?

Eventually the light gets turned off
and you lay snuggled in your bed.
Unfortunately due to the very good read
it is going around in your head!

Then the dreams start of the story,
a fantasy or drama that is gory!
But will it wake you up?
It is just a story with a gripping tale!

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