It Matters

The blue accentuates the Earth,
as the green blends into the hills.
Rivers flow deep and wide,
and the moon controls the tide.

The Earth rotates around the sun.
And the Solar Winds light the sky.
The mountains jut out from the ground,
all uneven crevices and are high!

The landscape varies and in areas barren.
All living creatures arrived.
And when the moon is full,
the under water world and nocturnal beasts are alive!

The planet is a living organism,
taking three hundred and sixty five days in full rotation.
So the organisms on the Earth survive,
it’s harsh living and unruly, dangerous Earth.

Since time began, and man gave birth,
it spins on it’s axis in the sky.
The living continues on,
and in the end it dies.

It is a game of life.
The tide goes in and out.
The wind blows and it thrives.
The life continues on,
like a gigantic bee hive.

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